1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&
1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&
1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&
1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&
1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&
1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&
1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&
1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&
1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3&

1080P HD Dual Lens Endoscope with 4.3'' Split Screen, 7.9mm Snake Camera 16.5ft


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  • Handy Split-Screen View: With the split-viewing design and two HD cameras, you will be able to acquire both front and side views at the same time, making the inspection process easier and faster. One button to move between front, side, and split-screen viewing
  • 1080P High-Res Picture: Step up to a sharper-shooting inspection camera with BLUART tech and an improved digital image sensor, the endoscope camera captures precise detail, realistic textures, and remarkable contrast. 7 adjustable LED lights provide exceptional brightness, allowing you to see more clearly in dark spaces without glare or shadow
  • Robust 16.5ft Camera Probe: The snake camera readily fits through tight spaces, with a waterproof semi-rigid cable and a 7.9 mm tiny camera head, allowing you to inspect inside cylinders, behind walls, in vents, pipelines, and other hard-to-reach areas without sacrificing image quality. For mechanics, car enthusiasts, and homeowners, the inspection camera cable kit is a must-have
  • Optimized Vivid Display: The 4.3-inch LCD display panel shows sharp, lighted images with true-to-life color. The ultra-wide viewing angle of 178° enables comfortable viewing from any position. The endoscope's screen boasts a refresh rate of 60Hz, which makes viewing more fluid and smooth. On a full charge, the rechargeable battery provides a highly practical four hours of working time
  • Easy to Use: The borescope is ready to use straight away without the need for WiFi, Apps, or phones. Hook and magnet attachments are offered for added versatility. The scope camera kit includes a robust carrying box to keep your endoscope and accessories safe and clean

Depstech DS350 Dual-Lens Inspection Camera

The all-in-one inspection camera kit is ideal for plumbing lines, wiring, HVAC and facility maintenance, and is an essential tool for mechanics, car enthusiasts and DIY homeowners, providing a clear view of engine parts without the need for hours of disassembly.

Split Screen, Complete View

The snake camera has two lenses with a wide 70° viewing angle, which provides the benefit of a side view without the need for a mirror attachment to obstruct the front view. With split-screen mode, you can run and view front and side cameras simultaneously, which is a huge boost to productivity and convenience.

Gives a One-of-a-kind Solution for Better Image Control, Clarity, and Brightness

Crisp, Vibrant LCD Display

Impressive LED Illumination

1080P FHD Picture Quality

Optimize Your Probing Experience

Long-lasting Battery

The snake camera runs for 4 hours on a single charge thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. To save battery life, the borescope has a power-saving auto shut-off function. There's also a micro-USB charging cord provided (adapter not included)

16.5ft Durable Camera Cable

The endoscope includes a 16.5-foot semi-rigid cable with reasonable flexibility and rigidity, allowing it to inspect at extended distances and around curves, such as sewer lines and air ducts, without the hassle of purchasing and connecting additional extensions

Inserted 32GB TF Card

Set-in-class stills or live videos are captured on a 32GB TF card by the Depstech inspection camera for convenient documentation and future viewing. The 32GB memory card has a large storage capacity of 15,000 photos or six hours of video.


Camera Design: Dual Lenses with Split-Screen View

Camera Resolution: 1920*1080 Pixels

Field of view: 70°

Focal Length: Main: 1.18-3.15 in (3 to 8 cm); Side: 0.79-2.36 in (2 to 6 cm)

Camera Lighting: 6 LEDs on the front, 1 LED on the side / adjustable intensity

Camera Diameter: 7.9 mm / 0.31 in

Cable Length: 16.5 feet / 5 m

Screen Type: 4.3" Color TFT LCD

Video Resolution: 1920*1080, 1280*720 / MOV

Image Resolution: 1920*1080, 1280*720 / JPG

IP Rating: IP67 Waterproof (probe)

Storage: 32GB Micro SD card

Power Supply: Rechargeable battery / 4hrs from full charge

Interface: Micro USB port / TF card slot

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