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Dual-Lens Inspection Camera
Eequipped with an upgraded 5 inch IPS screen which is more energy-saving than others. It makes inspection quicker and easier to take picture & record video.
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WF010 Endoscope

Find out how useful it can be in so many different situations.

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DEPSTECH D09 2K webcam is your social distancing antidote.

The microphones on the DEPSTECH webcam are the most sensitive I've experienced on any webcam yet.

DEPSTECH crazy camera DS450 lets you see inside almost anything.

This is the perfect webcam to use in a noisy environment. Not only does it have advanced light correction, but it also has noise reduction. So you'll sound clearer in your meetings.

DEPSTECH webcam has everything you'd need if you just want to get together a basic setup for video chats, whether at work or with friends and family.

This thing rocks: This clever camera lets you peek into sink drains and other small places

A high-quality inspection camera with a lengthy cable, that’s waterproof and also affordable is a match made in heaven.

If you need a new webcam for Zoom conferences this fall, the Depstech is well worth a look.