What can an Industrial Endoscope Help


What is an endoscope?

A borescope (aka endoscope) is an optical instrument designed to assist visual inspection of narrow, difficult-to-reach spaces, consisting of a rigid or flexible tube with an eyepiece or display on one end, an objective lens or camera on the other, linked together by an optical or electrical system in between.

What is an industrial endoscope used for?

The endoscope can be used as a daily inspection tool to find out problems that cannot be observed by the naked eyes. It can be applied to various fields such as vehicle examine and repair, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical industry, household electric appliances, pipe plug examines, electronic circuit damage, and so on.

Vehicle Examine and Repair

A prime example would be an engine’s cylinder, something that’s impossible to take a closer, deeper look at, just because they’re inaccessible and there’s no way you can shove a conventional camera inside. After using a family car for a period of time, the fuel quality, traffic conditions and driving habits, all influence the engine which will cause the car fuel consumption to rise, power to decline, and even fail to ignite. When cleaning the carbon, the endoscope can help us to go deep into the narrow space inside the engine, and there is no need to make a big move. The removal of engine components can clearly show the location and adhesion of carbon deposition, and help us completely remove the carbon deposition.

Shipbuilding Industry

As we all know, a large ship consists of thousands of components welded. Relevant data show that welding defects are one of the main causes of the most ship fracture accidents in recent years. Especially, with the development of large-scale ship, the steel plate is thicker and thicker, the structural design is more and more complex, and the construction quality is also put forward higher requirements. Industrial endoscope plays an important role in stainless steel thick plate weld detection. It helps to check and observe high temperature, toxicity, nuclear radiation and invisible places.

Petrochemical Industry

Used for routine and emergency inspection of the production pipeline, heat exchanger, reaction kettle, high pressure vessel, boiler, catalytic device, etc. The camera and image processing system can monitor, record, store and analyze the field of view target, which provides a good guarantee for diagnosis and processing. So it is a very cost-effective detection solution without dismantling the inspected equipment in the detection process.

Household Electric Appliances

The inspection and maintenance of household appliances, such as the problems of ash deposition and peculiar smell in the evaporator of air conditioner, can observe the condition of the evaporator through the endoscope, and find out the specific cause and location of the problem, so as to solve the problem effectively.

Pipe Plug Examine

In daily life, when the water pipe of the toilet basin is blocked, or toilet sewer is blocked. You can use the endoscope to find the source of the blockage. The DEPSTECH endoscope probe meets the dust-proof and waterproof standard of IP67, so you can use it in a humid and dirty environment at ease.

There are many other inspections such as circuit inspection, building quality testing, building structure and so on.