The 4 Best Mechanic Tools for DIYers

Have you ever wanted inner access to what’s going on inside your machines? Are you wondering what’s causing your car engine to rattle? Have you ever wanted to see behind a wall or into a difficult-to-reach small space? Or did you drop something down a sewer grate and need some help getting it up? 

There’s a single piece of equipment that will help you out in these situations.

A borescope or endoscope camera has all the properties to get the job done. Also known as a “snake camera”, this has a thin lens and long neck that you can maneuver into position and allow yourself to see what’s going on. You’ll be able to cast this back to an attached screen or to your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll receive an inside look wherever you want, which is why many doctors rely on these kinds of camera during medical procedures. 

Don’t worry about trying to shine your cell phone’s flashlight down a dark area and just hope you can see what’s going on. Pick up any of the borescope cameras we’ve hand selected below and get a closer view of what’s happening.

  • DS500 - Built to tackle serious work

DEPSTECH DS500 is a solidly built inspection camera built around its 5-inch IPS screen, presumably a component which might find its way into a cellular phone, although it is not a touch screen; all operation is via the six buttons beneath (and power button at the top). Key operations include switching between the two cameras on the probe, both which can return a 1080P signal, rotating the image by 180˚, and choosing from the three brightness settings for the lights built into the probe. The main body also has a handy built in LED flashlight operated by a firm trigger-like switch.

The system houses a 5000mAh battery, charged via a USB-C connector, which provides a generous seven hours of power for the screen and removable probe cable. For those who want to capture what they see, the device can capture video and pictures to a TF (microSD) card.

  • DS300 - Enough for your needs

DEPSTECH DS300 endoscope camera

DEPSTECH DS300 is a lightweight, portable inspection camera built around a 4.3-inch 16:9 screen. The camera probe is just 5.5mm diameter on the end of a 5 meter (16.5ft) semi-rigid cable, long enough for any task we can imagine.

It offers a lot of functionality, and easy portability, for a surprisingly low price. The recorded images and video quality are acceptable, especially the live display is good quality and operates well whatever the light. The accessories are useful, and the handset easy to hold.

An endoscope is a supremely useful tool in DIY and professional tasks which can save huge amounts of time – not to mention money – by making it possible to see below floorboards, or examine engine components in situ. There are solutions which allow USB, and even wireless, cameras which depend a phone for display, but the DS300 – for surprisingly little more money – connects directly with the camera so it can be used in the workshop without risk to your beloved communications device.

  • WF028 - See and reach further than you’d imagine

DEPSTECH WF028 is an excellent choice for a borescope camera, which has a 5-megapixel camera, as opposed to a standard endoscope camera which is 2 megapixel. It communicates with your smartphone over a wireless network it creates on its own, eliminating the need for a separate, bulky tool. Its 16.5-foot length provides plenty of reach, and it works with both Android and iOS platforms.

The wireless approach has long been a customer favorite because it’s cheaper and more portable than buying a whole new device with a screen, plus it welcomes Android and iOS devices equally. The WF028 is an effective – and reasonably priced – example of this approach and provides all the features you realistically need. The build quality and rigmarole of connecting to the phone wouldn’t make it our choice for daily use but it is a very handy tool to have at home for occasional use.

  • WF070 - Super thin probe for tiny spot

DEPSTECH WF070 is the thinnest wireless borescope camera we’ve seen. 3.9mm slim probe is able to reach narrow spaces easily for nondestructive detection without disassembly equipment. Waterproof endoscope camera probe design and equipped with bright LED light, perfect for inspecting underwater areas. It is not only a useful automotive tool but also an ideal tool for plumbing applications.

The wireless endoscope adopts with industry standard camera chip, which provides stronger and more stable WiFi signal and delivers smooth real-time HD transmission.