Some Tips for Endoscope Care and Maintenance



Industrial endoscope is a precision instrument, it may be damaged if accidentally hit by strong external force. Therefore, when taking the instrument out of the instrument box and performing operations, be sure to handle it gently to avoid collision. The followings are the advice on how to properly use and maintain an endoscope.

Endoscope Usage

1. Please read the manual carefully before use.
2. After installing the SD card, you need to format the memory card before use.
3. Insert the front probe into the device you inspect, operate the cable to control the direction of the probe, and observe its interior through the display. The brightness of the light can be adjusted to obtain an appropriate illuminance, so that the picture achieves the clearest effect.
4. During the detection process, if the probe encounter internal obstacles, you can't do a hard pull on the cable, but you need to look at it and find a way to enter it cleverly and let the front probe continue to forward.
5. Do not knot the cable, only bend it properly.

Camera Probe

1. Although DEPSTECH endoscopes probes are IP67 waterproof, after using in water, water droplets may adhere to the surface of the probe and cable, please wipe it off in time to avoid penetration and damage the lens.
2. Frequent use of endoscope will cause stains on the lens, resulting in unclear imaging. Please use an alcohol cloth to wipe off the stains gently.
3. Do not look directly at the strong light emitted by the LED of the endoscope lens at a close range to avoid eyesight hurt.
4. Please try not to use it in a higher temperature environment exceeding 113°F and lower temperature than 0°F.
5. Do not allow the lens to violently hit by hard objects, otherwise, the camera may be cracking.


1. Please use the original charger.
2. It is forbidden to operate the detected object under electrified conditions, otherwise, the operator may get an electric shock.
3. It is forbidden to use or store the instrument in explosive, strong electromagnetic field or flammable gas places, otherwise, it may cause fire or explosion.
4. Charge the battery occasionally when the endoscope is not in use, which can better protect and prolong the battery life.

Endoscope Storage

1. Please store the endoscope in a dry and -50°F-113°F environment.
2. Please store it in the packaging box together with accessories and instructions for future use.
3. This product is not a toy. It contains small accessories, kid under 3 years may swallow them, so put it out of the reach of children.