Save Your Valentine's Day Rings with a Powerful Endoscope

Use the DEPSTECH endoscope to find out the ring from drain

Have you ever planned a date with your significant other but lost your ring? Sometimes, it can even get worse-your ring can get stuck down the kitchen sink. For some people, the instinct is to contact a plumber or repairman to get the ring out of its position. But with a solid industrial endoscope, you can save your Valentine's Day date in a matter of minutes.

A cutting-edge camera

The DEPSTECH WF028 Wireless Endoscope has a 5.0MP camera that can put out images in a 2592x1944 resolution. It has a high-efficient processing chip, and the camera can fit even narrow pipes. The images come out in high definition and can help you get your ring in time for a Valentine's Day date. The footage gets transported in real-time, too.

The IP67 camera also allows you to use it even underwater! If the ring gets submerged in a clogged sink or pipe, it can still be returned safely back to you. The camera outputs the same high-definition images even when wet.

Users can also enjoy a variety of distances. The endoscope has long focal ranges, beginning at three inches. It can cover up to 16 inches in the distance, giving out a large scope. All of this is possible without any inconvenience.

Strong connection signals

The endoscope is compatible with many electronic devices. Your iPhone can receive the images and footage, helping you see your ring right away. If you have an iPad or even an Android device, the app is also compatible. You can send these photos to your significant other if you want to tell them what happened to the ring.

Bright lights and flexible structure

DEPSTECH endoscope lens with a heart

The endoscope is also strong enough to help you get the ring on its own. Equipped with six adjustable LED lights, it can help you get the farthest objects. These items reach into the darkest areas in your sink. Your ring can return to your hand just in time for the scheduled dinner date.

It also comes in a flexible cable that bends into many different shapes. If your sink has a complex shape and the ring gets stuck in an edge or crevice, bring out the endoscope, and it can give it back to you in no time.

Long-lasting battery

If your ring gets stuck in the sink when you or your spouse gets home, the industrial endoscope can still help you. It can last for several hours thanks to its strong battery. The battery has a 2200mAh capacity, giving you a long time of use in between charges.

If your Valentine's Day seems to be spoiled by a ring stuck in a sink, do not worry. The DEPSTECH WF028 Wireless Endoscope is more than capable of bringing back your precious ring to your hands. Whether it is an engagement ring, wedding ring, or a memento of sorts, it will be back just in time to save your date.

You can wear it during dinner without much of a hassle. Valentine's Day is back in session!