How Do You Clean Ears in a Scientific Way


What’s your way to clean the ears? Use a cotton swab? STOP IT! The ear is a very sensitive and fragile organ. A little careless handling may cause hearing loss, ear infections, and even permanent eardrum damage. It is best not to use a cotton swab to clean the ears, because earwax generally only appears in the external auditory canal. There are many people always using cotton swabs to clean ear, however, cotton swabs can only push earwax deep into the ear, causing hearing loss. In fact, the earwax itself is not bacteria, but a substance secreted by the ear, which can play a role in sterilization and protect the ear canal to a certain extent.

So, the considerable suggestion I can give is that if the earwax is not too much, do not pick your ears. If you do feel uncomfortable, please check the condition of the ears and use professional tool to deal with it. Use what? A DEPSTECH otoscope and professional DEPSTECH ear pick set save you lots of trouble.

Check Your Ear with Otoscope

The use of endoscopes in otology has become progressively common. The wide field of view of otoscope enables a more comprehensive examination of the mastoid cavity, even when considering narrowing of the ear canal. Furthermore, it can provide an improved understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the ear. Ear endoscopy can be performed with scopes used for nasal examination. Endoscopy recording systems are widely available and play an important role in physician and patient education. So, you can use an otoscope to check the ear inner situation.

DEPSTECH Otoscope features with small and portable design, not tired to hold it. With IP67 waterproof probe, not afraid of humid environments and corrosion, and it is thin enough to inspect ear of different ages. (Camera probe designed from 0.15in to 0.21in.) All products are equipped with 6 brightness adjustable LED lights, always catching high quality picture from ear whenever it is day or night. Three types of otoscope for choice- USB otoscope, which can see the real time image on computer; WiFi otoscope, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The shooting images can be stored on App, convenient for sharing it to a doctor to check ear situation. USB & WiFi 2-in-1 otoscope, which is compatible with both phones and computers.


Use Professional Tools to Pick Your Ears

If you inspect that your ear situation is not so bad, and you can just pick the earwax out from ear to ease your uncomfortable feeling. Then DEPSTECH professional ear cleaning picks can help, which all designed with smooth stainless material, polished appearance, so they are easy to disinfect. What’s more, we provide the spring and spiral shape ear cleaning picks, which give user a more scientific way to clean the ear. Spin the earwax out of the ear canal instead of pushing it deeper, and reduce the risk of the scratching ear canals during the use.

Go to the Doctor

If things are so backed up in your ear canal that you’re having trouble hearing, it’s time to send your inner ear picture taken by otoscope to a doctor on line. If the doctor can not solve your problem on line, you may make an appointment with your GP or an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (ENT) who can give you a more thorough cleaning.