Depstech DS300 Dual-Lens Endoscope Independent Review

I’m a home repair and DIY expert. In my line of work, and for many handy DIYers, finding the solution to a problem relies on accurately diagnosing the problem. Enter the endoscope. If you’ve never had the opportunity to operate an endoscope, you’re in for a treat.

What’s an Endoscope?

Depstech DS300 borescope put in the sofa

An endoscope, also called a borescope, is basically a camera on a stick. However, the stick is exceptionally long and flexible to navigate around corners, and the camera is, in one way or another, linked to a real-time viewing screen.

Endoscopes have been used for years by plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and repair professionals to see hidden places such as pipes, walls, vents, around corners, or deep inside machinery.

LED lighting and ever-shrinking camera technology have come a long way in the recent past. Prices have come way down, making the endoscope no longer just for professionals. Within easy price reach of homeowners, endoscopes are fast becoming the new “must-have” tool.

About the DS300DL Endoscope

The Depstech DS300 dual-lens endoscope is a special tool with unique features. Taking it out of the box, you’ll find a sizeable 4.3-inch viewing screen and control module attached to a long semi-rigid cable. If you’ve ever used a wireless or app-based endoscope, you’ll understand how convenient the built-in screen is.

Also in the box is an owner’s manual that covers basic operation instructions, a couple of cord wraps, a charging cable, a pre-installed 32GB memory card, and several small camera attachments so you can not only see what you’re doing but can get work done as well. Attachments include a small hook, magnet, lens cover, and one other that I haven’t figured out what to do with yet.

All of that comes neatly packed into a dedicated carrying case to keep everything neat, tidy, and protected.

On the technical side, the Depstech DS300DL is a waterproof endoscope with two 2mp cameras measuring just over a quarter inch in diameter and containing seven adjustable brightness LED lights. With a button press, you can switch from the front view camera to the side view to a split screen with both cameras simultaneously.

What are Customers Saying

I’ve searched and have had a hard time finding negative reviews. DIYers are enjoying the solid feel and convenience of the Depstech DS300 DL. The dual cameras and split screen function capture far more than a single camera can.

Reviewer’s Experience

A few reviews stated they had difficulty getting the semi-rigid cable around corners in pipes. I must admit that when I tried to view the inside of my home’s sewer pipe, the easiest route was through a 1.5-inch drain pipe. The first few corners were great. It took patience to get it around the last corner before the sewer line.

However, I pulled the cable out and installed the included hook attachment to the end. The hook provided the camera with a sloped surface to ride over the rigid edges of the pipe fittings. Problem solved.

Overall, I was impressed. The camera resolution is somewhat low, but I don’t think spending much money on a high-res camera to shove down your pipes is worth the cost. The camera did exactly what it needed to do. I’ve worked with endoscopes that connect to my phone in the past, and after this, I’m not going back.

The cable flexibility is just right. I had no problem shoving it deep into crevices without kinking, and it was bendable enough to get around any corners.

The Verdict

The performance of the Depstech DS300 dual-lens borescope is on par with far more expensive endoscopes. Lower-priced endoscopes exist, but for DIYers serious about accurately diagnosing trouble, this one does everything you need.


Deane Biermeier

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