Can I Check My Child for Ear Infection at Home


Does your kid suffer from ear infections often? You may be often visiting a doctor and spending much time and money. But the good news is that you can check your kid ear and identify ear infection at home by using a DEPSTECH otoscope. But avoid doing this if your kid’s ear has pus or blood is coming from the ear.

What is an otoscope?

An otoscope is a professional medical device that is used by doctors to see inside the ear. If you are not a doctor, you still can use an otoscope at home, but only if you know the correct way to do it. It is because an otoscope is not as simple as placing an earbud into your kid’s ear.

If your kid’s ear situation is not severe then you can use an otoscope to perform home inspection. In this passage, we will guide you on how to properly use an otoscope to examine your kid for home ear infections. 

When should you use an otoscope?

If you find that your kid has the following symptoms, you can use an otoscope to have an examination at home:

Ear infection or irritation
Hearing loss
Any infections or symptoms related to the ear

How to choose the proper one?

Otoscopes are ubiquitous in the medical sector. Hence, it is vital to select the right one, especially when you are using it at home for your children. It is essential that you select a professional-grade one possessing high standard.

The otoscope is equipped with camera probe. The probe varies in pixels and dimensions. Since you are using an otoscope to examine your little kid’s ear, you should select one that is slightly smaller than your kid’s ear. If the ear hole is extremely small then do not perform the home ear inspection. DEPSTECH provides USB otoscope, WiFi otoscope and WiFi & USB 2-in-1 otoscope. Consider your needs and budget and then pick an otoscope accordingly.

There are different kinds of infections that can affect the ear. Even if you find a small sign of infection in the ear, you must check your ear and consult your doctor immediately to seek adequate medical assistance.

Are there any risks of using otoscopes?

The good news is that the risk of ear examination is small. Most importantly, what you must consider is to always change the probe and the ear pick of the otoscope or clean them properly after inspection. Using a dirty or already used probe or ear pick can spread infection from one ear to the other.