Holiday Gift Ideas on Black Friday 2021

Black Friday is the day of the year that inaugurates the start of the Christmas shopping season. Several establishments reduce the prices of their products, particularly those in the electronics sector. Many people take advantage of these sales to prepare Christmas gifts or simply to treat themselves. Even though other types of products are discounted too, the vast majority of customers decide to buy an electronic device on Black Friday, such as a laptop, mobile phone, camera, and much more.

Since Black Friday is around the corner, from Depstech, we want to offer you a unique gift guide with original, high-quality, and affordable products. You do not want to miss any opportunity!

Our Top Pick This Year: DS500 Dual-lens Screen Endoscope

depstech ds500 endoscope for car inspection

An endoscopic camera has multiple useful applications. With its tiny lens, you can reach the most inaccessible angles, being quite useful for technical works and jobs. This handheld endoscope holds several features that make it our top pick, along with almost 50 satisfied reviewers (5 stars! ).

  • 1080p Dual-Lens: This product owns an extra HD camera built on the side of the main camera to help detect the sides of the pipe. This industrial endoscope provides 178 degrees wide-angle, allowing you to capture much more details. It also features a bright LED flashlight on the back of the body for any nocturnal operations.
  • 9mm Lens, Updated 5'' IPS Screen: With only 7.9 mm in diameter, you can comfortably access lots of narrow places. It makes it suitable for pipeline inspection or car maintenance, amongst others. After powering on, it will display the real-time image directly on its 5'' screen.
  • Handheld Design: The endoscope handheld design makes its use quite convenient for the customer.
  • High-capacity 5000mAh Battery: This endoscope can continuously work for 7 hours or more. Its battery life is improved compared with similar products on the market. It saves effort and time as you don't need to charge it frequently.

Our Second Pick for You: DS450 Dual-lens Screen Endoscope

DS450 Screen Endoscope

Similar to the previous product, this endoscope is excellent for exploring narrow areas that our eyes can't reach. With features like LED lights, dual-lens, or split-screen, customers are satisfied with the results it provides, with almost 20 reviews of 5 stars.

  • 1080p Dual-Lens: This product owns two HD cameras: one placed in the front; the other is a side-facing camera.
  • 5'' IPS Screen: With an IPS screen, the visual results are guaranteed to be high-quality. This is achieved by reducing overexposure or illuminating the darkest areas. It also displays the photos and videos instantly on the screen.
  • Split-screen Feature: With this feature, the endoscope can display two different angles simultaneously, making it easier to see the big picture. It allows you to switch between the front and side-facing cameras, recording the full-view situation.
  • Multiple Uses: Its characteristics allow customers to use the endoscope in several different fields, such as automobile repair, house maintenance, or wall structure inspection, amongst others.

A Budget-friendly Pick: DS300 Screen Endoscope

DS300 LCD Screen Endoscope

For those on a lower budget to buy an electronic device this Black Friday, we also have the perfect quality pick for them. This industrial endoscope is high-quality, as well as easy and intuitive to use.

  • 3" LCD Color Screen: LCD(liquid-crystal display) screens are slowly replacing older technologies due to their value and lower power consumption. LCD screens allow displays to be thin and high-quality. With this endoscope, you will be able to see 1080p photos and fluent videos on the device.
  • 5mm Ultra Thin Probe: Smaller lens provide access to a wide variety of restrained places. This camera will prove itself to be useful for inspecting industrial machinery, repairing automobiles and wall structures, inspecting household air-conditioning appliances, and much more.

As one satisfied reviewer stated: "this is a very good endoscope. Even though it is little, the cable is firm, very long, and can be easily manipulated while staying stiff."

Endoscopes are not the only products we sell! From Depstech, we want to include a webcam as an essential element of our gift guide. We offer several different types of webcams, yet all of them provide high-quality displays.

depstech 4K webcam

  • DW49 4K Webcam: It records up to a 3840*2160 resolution at 30fps. It can record video even in dimly spaces, making it useful for not-so-well illuminated rooms or offices. It includes a microphone with a noise-canceling feature, which means you don't have to worry about background noises perturbing your sound recording. Also, no drivers or software are needed for its installation; just by plugging it into a USB port, you can start using it right away.
  • D12 2K Office Webcam: This webcam provides 2560*1440p QHD resolution and its layers display crystal clear video quality. It comes with a privacy cover to ensure security, peace of mind, and privacy at all times. It includes a noise reduction feature, perfect for conferences or streaming. Like the previous one, it doesn't require drivers or software to be installed; just plug it into a USB port!
  • D04 1080P Webcam: This webcam provides crystal clear video at 30 frames per second, which is highly recommended to those who need professional video chatting or video recording. Its auto light correction allows the customer to use the webcam in dim environments without any problem at all. It is compatible with MAC OS, Windows, and even Smart TVs. Again, like the previous products, this one doesn't require specific software to be installed; just by plugging it into a USB port, you are ready to start using it.

These are our top picks for you to acquire during Black Friday 2021. We aim to provide the best quality products at the most affordable prices, especially during high-demand periods. Happy Black Friday purchasing!