• WF030 Camtele WiFi Endoscope Waterproof Semi-ridged Borescope
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    WiFi connection
    Compatible with Android 2.3+ & iOS devices
    Exclusive tech: CAMTELE & BLUART
    8.5mm 2.0MP Camera
    IP67 Waterproof
    Semi-rigid cable
    Battery Capacity: 450 mAh


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Product Description

What is Depstech WF030 WiFi Endoscope

Join 20W+ Depstech Family, the First Choice for Endoscope

Depstech WF030 series are the result yielded by all Depstech people’s dedication. The latest Camtele technology will solve more for blur image problems. At the same position, this type endoscope focal range will be longer 12.7in than other endoscopes without this tech. Especially designed mount holder on the WiFi box tackle the difficulties in placing your phones, freeing your hands to fix more glitches in your use.Semi-ridged cable can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place to meet different using needs. This unit works perfectly in daily underwater and pipe leakage inspection, biological science research, auto and machine maintenance.

WF030 Specifications:

Resolution: 1600x1200, 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240

Camera Diameter: 8.5mm

Waterproof: IP67

Battery Capacity: 450mAh

Focal Distance: 1.2Inch-15.7Inch

Package List:

1 x Depstech Wifi Endoscope 
1 x Micro USB to Micro USB Cable 
1 x USB to Micro USB Cable 
1 x Accessories - Mirror, Hook,Magnet
1 x Drain Snake Clog Remover
1 x User Manual 


At DEPSTECH, every product enjoys a 1 Year Limited Free Warranty.


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