• NTE300 3.9mm Ultra-thin Otoscope
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    USB-C Port for Latest Android
    Compatible with OTG Android 4.4+ devices, MAC PC & Windows 7/8/10 PC
    3.9 mm 720P camera
    6 adjustable LED lights
    Streamline Pen Shape


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Product Description

USB otoscope

DEPSTECH NTE300 USB-C Digital Otoscope

This newest ear inspection camera is light, portable but sharp, a good monitor for your whole family ear health from the parents to kids and pets. It is equipped with adjustable LED lights, HD ultra-thin 3.9 mm camera and ergonomic structure, hence this endoscope would capture clear images for you in your dark hearing system, and become the new helper to protect all user's ears.


  • Resolution: 1280x720, 640x480
  • Focal length: 15 mm
  • Light: 6 Brightness Adjustable LEDs
  • Interface: USB-C port
  • Operation System: Android 4.5 or above, Windows 7/8/10, Mac OSX 10.6 or later


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