What's The Super User ?

At Depstech, listening to and applying feedback is a critical part of what we do. The criticism and praise we receive from our fans goes straight back to our product developers to deliver exciting new improvements.To encourage this, we created the Super User programs. Joining one is just like joining a VIP club. You get free products, exclusive discounts, and other special benefits.Test our products, lend us your perspective, help us get it right.


Q1. Why do we need Super User Program?

For us, in order to provide better service and improve our products we need to collect the product user’s feedback and suggestion. Aside from the consumers, in this way we can get the feedback, and also will let more people know our product.

For you, apply to our product for Super User, and you will have a chance to get the free sample product. What you need to do is to share the product when you apply it and give us your feedback after you got the product. Also we will encourage Super Users to share their reviews publicly to help inform prospective buyers about what they can expect from Depstech products.

Super Users are individuals who do not only appreciate free products, they are also the people who enjoy testing, sharing helpful suggestions for our product, marketing, and other things. They also enjoy sharing their experiences with other prospective buyers.

Q2.What are the benefits Super Use can get from the Program?

Super Users can apply for a free Depstech product in which they are interested in for reviewing.
We will vary the available free products, if there is no product that they are interested in, they can wait for the one they are interested in or contact to tell us, then we will tell them when their product of interest is available for them to review.